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Worthing versus the Worthing Herald (the homecoming)

Hey Worthing fans,

Worthing versus the World is featured in this week’s Worthing Herald.

Worthing Herald

Buy this - there's photos of us AND a free sausage roll for every reader. Winner!

If you can’t get out and buy it, you can see a copy of the article here (free sausage roll not included).

Lots of love going out to the Worthing Herald who have championed our cause from the early days (do you remember when they featured us before?)

I’m looking for suggestions for where to take the challenge next. Worthing versus your town! All ideas welcomed – stick a comment below.


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Worthing versus the Worthing Herald

Worthing Herald logo

Exciting news – Worthing versus the World is featured on the front page of this week’s Worthing Herald, available 13th January from all good newsagents. It includes a brief interview with the Worthing versus the World team (me).

Go and buy it Рit looks like this.  Continue reading


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