Walt Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter scored 44 points to bring it here – the top of the leaderboard.

The score to beat is 41 points scored by Worthing. Also with 41 you’ve got Singapore, JapanCambodia and New Zealand’s South Island.

Close behind it’s Malaysia (the rematch) and Thailand each scoring 40 points

Up there with them you’ve got Laos on 39 points.

New Zealand’s North Island did less well than it’s sister island with 37 points

Three days in Borneo grabbed it 36 points.

Vietnam did ok with 35 points

Australia scored 32 points all out so England won by an innings to retain The Ashes

Air Asia – 30 points and my most popular post. I think it’s because of the stewardess photo!

Malaysia (the first time) – 28 points

Bali – 18 points. Didn’t like the place, but I enjoyed writing about it!


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