Worthing versus the World e-book and Worthing Herald cover feature

Amazing news for all fans of Worthing Versus the World – we have just released a special version with exclusive content for the Kindle and Kindle app, available now on Amazon.

Worthing versus the World e-book on Amazon

The Kindle edition extra content includes a foreword by none other than the Mayor of Worthing, Bob Smytherman as well as a special personal message from Gavin (future Mayor of Worthing!).

The book is being sold to raise money for Guild Care, a Worthing-based charity caring for older people, people affected by dementia, carers and kids with special needs. Download it now for just a fiver. All my profits go straight to Guild Care.

Equally excitingly, the launch of the book is being celebrated by the Worthing Herald, who feature the news on the inside cover of the paper that comes out today. Pick up your copy at all good newsagents.

If you have a Kindle (or an iPad / iPhone with the free Kindle app), please do buy the book and help make money for a great cause. If you don’t have a Kindle, help spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and in real life with actual people.

I’ll be sorting out even more exclusive content soon – watch this space!


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