Worthing versus BBC Radio Sussex

BBC Radio Sussex logo

Following the success of Worthing versus The Worthing Herald, we’re now going to be on the BBC Radio Sussex breakfast show. 

Set your alarms for Wednesday 19th January 2011 at 8.40am to hear a live interview with me in New Zealand!

Listen live online here, or local people can tune to 93.5, 104.5 or 104.8FM.

If you’re lazy or you missed it or maybe you just want to enjoy it again and again they have a catch-up feature on BBC iPlayer – fast-forward to 1.37.00. If you hear a sad story about a woman forced to sleep in her car because of students, the you’re in the right place. (Available until 26 January 2011).



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5 responses to “Worthing versus BBC Radio Sussex

  1. Ken

    loving your radio work pal – “searching the globe for a new abode” – nice.

    disappointed at the lack of an MK mention, obviously, but i’ll let that pass.

    • Sorry – I had loads I wanted to say which is why I was going so fast but she kept doing a John Humphrys on me and cutting me off.

      Appreciate you listening mate – cheers and lots of love x

      • Ken

        no worries – it was a delight to hear your voice so early in the morning – Mrs Mallory is a lucky lady!!

        also – not only did they have you on the show, but they based a whole audience participation phone-in/text-in around you – how good is that?!

        take care now!

  2. Hey there… in my geeky way I’m super keen to hear how the radio expose blew your stats through the roof? The radio segment was amazing! Good work dudes

    • Cheers Ben. Glad you could listen to it. It was great fun!

      The radio had a big impact on people visiting the site – e-mail me if you actually want numbers and stuff. Suffice to say with the newspaper and radio coverage January was the busiest month by far.

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