Worthing versus Singapore

Singapore. The country we were in for Erin’s birthday, which meant the usual money-rules were out of the window (well, slightly relaxed). Does this make for a more enjoyable time than can be had in Worthing? Read on to find out.

1. Is the weather better than Brighton?

Singapore isn’t far from the equator, so I expected it to be pretty warm. It was, but it was much less humid than Kuala Lumpur had been. All good so far. The only prob was when we were trying to find a place to buy a drink walking alongside the river and there were a million places on the other side and none where we were. I was sweating like a fat man in a cake shop and the wife was crawling along the floor panting “water, water” at me.

Singapore did a great job of having better weather than Brighton. Too much of a good job, so I’m chopping off a couple of points for no respite to the roastiness – 8 points

2. Proximity and quality of the seaside (a pier must be present for full points here)

All three regular readers of this blog will remember that while we definitely were close to the seaside on  numerous occasions in Malaysia, I never actually saw it other than from the plane. For those three readers my experience in Singapore is going to sound a little familiar. It was there, but we didn’t see it. Weirdly, we were right next to it, but it was hiding behind this insane building

Yes, that is a garden in a boat on three tower blocks

and I didn’t realise how close we had been until we were flying out to Indonesia (where we definitely have seen the actual sea – stay tuned for that one) and I saw the boat building on the coast!

Much as I’d love to give points for a garden in a boat on top of three tower blocks, the rules clearly state a pier is required, and we didn’t see the sea properly so it’s – 4 points

3. Local delicacies and quality of food

We ate well in Singapore. Reeeeeeal well. It’s not really a local delicacy, but the Cheese Kimchi Ramen I had was lush.

Cheese Kimchi Ramen from Lavender Food Court

So were these chicken nuggets on a stick.

A stick of nuggets

But the best food we had was at Pasta Inc. Some of the best food I have had anywhere, ever and I don’t even like pasta that much. Huge love to the boss who brought us free booze and made people sing happy birthday when he found out it was the wife’s special day.

Pasta Inc for dinner

I love you Singapore – 10 points

4. Friendliness and attractiveness of the locals

Everyone was well nice. The people that ran our hostel were well nice. The man in Pasta Inc was well nice. The people in Little India where we went for a curry were well nice. The bus driver that couldn’t speak English who we confused by wanting to use money instead of a special card was well nice (in contrast to how he might have been received if the situations had been reversed). Everyone was well nice.

Singaporeans are well nice – 10 points

5. Availability and quality of real ale

This is the category everyone said I had put in here to make sure Worthing won this challenge. Well doubters, feast your eyes on this.

IPA brewed on the premises

And then feast your eyes on this for a menu.

That's what I call a menu

And then shut up about telling me this whole thing is a fix while I work out how to score it so super Singapore comes doesn’t wallop wonderful Worthing in the league tables.

So yeah, this place Brewerkz had real ale. Bloody good ale as well. It was cheaper the earlier you went, and slowly got more expensive. I think the idea is that you get there early and sink three while it’s at rock bottom prices, then you think “I’ll just have one more” when the price goes up a bit, then you’re too drunk to care by the time it goes up again and too drunk to notice that by the end of the night you’re paying double the price for the same pint. I had a super nice burger here too (I’m all about the local food innit).

They said it couldn’t be done, but together we have proved them wrong. Singapore is a worthy adversary to Worthing on the ale front but I’m docking points for your complex pricing structure – 9 points

Good grief. It looks like I need to divide my time equally between Worthing and Singapore as Singapore scores 41 points!

Can this be topped? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.



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3 responses to “Worthing versus Singapore

  1. Triston Robinson

    I want to go to Singapore, NOW! I’m confused about something though dude; you’re comparing the weather to Brighton and not Worthing. I demand clarity! Big kisses.

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